My Go-To Long Lasting Summer Makeup Routine

Happy third day of summer! I’m super excited that we’re officially getting into the swing of my second favorite season (fall takes the cake), so I figured it was time for a fun lil’ seasonal makeup routine for ya.

Let me give you a rundown. I’m a fan of a natural but high coverage makeup look. I’ve got a decent amount of redness on my face, so I like to cover that ish up as much as possible (without looking cakey). I also have oily skin, so when you mix that with the inevitable sweat that comes with hot and humid summer days, I need alllll the coverage I can get.

I’ve been wearing this makeup look almost ever since I’ve been home from college, and I can confirm that this stays in place – from brunching to working to sipping on all the refreshing summer drinks, this is my go-to look because it actually works. No bs here, gals.

So without further ado, here’s my long lasting go to summer makeup look!

long lasting makeup.png

Foundation | Revlon Color Stay


This has been my favorite foundation for years – and when Revlon finally started packaging it with a pump, I couldn’t be happier! I put on two thin layers of this using my Real Techniques sponge, and it provides a solid base for the rest of my makeup. The redness in my cheeks doesn’t peek through, and it does a fairly good job of covering up any acne I do have (along with my pesky acne scars). While this is a fuller coverage foundation, I don’t think it feels too heavy or cakey – it provides the perfect amount of coverage, and it has SPF in it. Win-win, amiright??

Concealer | Tarte Shape Tape

I talked about this life changing concealer in a previous review, and I’m still convinced Tarte put straight up magic in a tube. I use this to spot conceal and to highlight the high points of my face (chin, nose, middle of my forehand and under my eyes) and this stuff seriously makes my pores disappear. I highly recommend you set this concealer (especially under your eyes) because since it is so high coverage, there’s a good chance the sweat and oils on your face will make it crease or break up. But once you get this bad boy set in place, it won’t budge and your face will look ~flawless~ all day.

Powder | Maybelline Master Fix


I had been wanting to try out a loose powder for some time, and I was pleasantly surprised when I picked this up from the drugstore. Once you sweep this across your face, it somehow makes your pores disappear and gives you such a gorgeous, flawless finish. And since this particular powder is translucent, you can add more as needed throughout the day and it won’t cake up or build up.

Bronzer | Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer


Guys, I’ve raved about this before and I still think it’s the greatest thing ever. Since I’m sure you’re no stranger to the hype, I’ll keep this one short and sweet. This is literally my all time favorite bronzer, and the scent is the literal embodiment of summer. (But if you’re interested in reading my full opinion, find it here!)

Highlight | Becca Moonstone + L’oreal Lumi Rose Gold


If you’re a regular around here, you’ll know how important highlight is to me. And since everything I’ve put on my face so far is fairly matte, I put on not one, but two highlighters. First, I swipe my L’oreal across my entire cheek and up in a “C” shape above my eye. You’ll notice that I don’t use blush – I don’t need to add any more color to my already flushed cheeks. Instead, I love that this highlight is in the rose gold shade – it adds the tiniest amount of golden pink to my cheek to makeup up for the lack of blush. Then I take my Becca highlight in Moonstone (with my Real Techniques contouring brush because the shape is literally perf for highlighting) and hit the very tops of my cheekbones where highlight typically goes. And with that, I’ve got a bangin’ highlight that has me glowing to the gods. ✨✨✨

Brows | L’oreal Brow Stylist Definer


This brow product is seriously my favorite thing ever. I bought the Anastasia Brow Wiz and I was extremely unimpressed. I was so disappointed because this product gets so much hype, and it just didn’t work for me. I didn’t like how thick the pencil actually was – I felt like I had no control over where the product was going. It didn’t take long before I was back with my L’oreal pencil,  because this one truly is my ride or die.

Eyes | Too Faced Natural Eyes+ Revlon Color Stay + Maybelline Lash Sensational


I keep my eyes pretty simple. I layer the three brown matte shades in the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette (going from light to dark, and keeping the darkest color concentrated in the outer corner of my eye) and I finish off by using my finger to put this cream Revlon eye shadow all over my lid. I love the sparkly finish, and the cream shadow adds some excitement to the otherwise neutral look.


As for mascara, I’m still on the struggle bus. My all time favorite mascara is IT Cosmetic’s Superhero mascara, because that thing does wonders for my eyelashes. But as much as I love that, I also love finding affordable products, too. I’ve been back and forth with some mascaras at the drugstore, like the Maybelline Lash Sensational and L’oreal’s new Volume Paradise (I wanted this one because it looks like a dupe for the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara). But honestly, neither of them come to close to how amazing the Superhero mascara is. I already know i’ll be making a stop by Ulta soon to pick it up, because I haven’t found anything at the drugstore that’s as good as that one.

Lips | Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink


Okay, now THIS is what I’ve been waiting to tell you all about. I received these Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink lippes from Influenster, and I am CRAZY impressed by the results. The packaging says these give you 16 hours of wear, and I’m surprised to say that I agree! Once you put this on, it does not budge. I brunched in this, I had a full day out and about, and I had a waitressing shift in the evening – and my lipstick looked just like it did when I put in on in the morning. It literally stains your lips – and it takes a bit of effort to actually get it off. My one complaint is that this formula never dried down to be fully matte – it felt a bit sticky all day. But if you need a long lasting lippie and are willing to deal with a bit of a sticky formula, you will love this because it actually does work. I’m not kidding you – go out and try it for yourself!

*I received these products free from Influenster for the sole purpose of testing and reviewing and all opinions are my own. 

Setting Spray | L’Oreal Infallible Makeup Extender


And to finish it all off – setting spray! This part of the makeup routine is essential if you want everything on your face to stay put. When I spray this all over my face, I know it’ll last from the time I put it on to when I’m ready to remove everything at night. When I’m laying in bed at the end of the night, sending out Snapchats before I go to bed and before I’ve taken off my makeup, I’m always surprised by how good it still looks. And while I do have some noticeable creasing from oil, I know that’s pretty unavoidable since my skin is hella oily (and humidity doesn’t help that). But if you’re trying to make your makeup last all day, this step is vital for ya!

Voila – there you have it! A makeup look that’ll stay locked in place for ya.


Let me know your favorite way to make your makeup last during the summer – and if you’ve got any current favorite products you’re loving, drop ’em in the comments below!


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