My Go-To Summer Look

Anyone else have an ongoing list of things you have to buy and things you want to buy? I definitely do! Every time something come to mind, I open up my notes on my phone and type it down – and the list always seems to be growing (even though my bank account is not). What’s been at the very top of my list, you may ask? White jeans – the center piece of my ideal go-to summer look.

My go-to summer look

I cannot STRESS how long I’ve been searching for the ~perfect~ pair of white jeans. I have so many outfits in mind that would be perfect for summer, but the missing piece was always the bottom half. I checked all of my favorite stores, and nothing. was. working. When it comes to buying white jeans, they need to:

  1. Be thick enough that you can’t see through them.
  2. Not cling to all the wrong places. (I’ve never been one to feel self conscious about my legs, but I refuse to wear jeans that make me feel insecure!)
  3. Feel and look good enough to want to wear out of the dressing room/my house.

And after searching high and low, I finally find them – my perfect white jeans! And of course, I found them at Kohl’s (but for once, I didn’t find them in the LC Lauren Conrad section).

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

These are from the brand Elle, and I’m so happy with them. While Kohl’s always seems to have some sort of sale or promotion, I was lucky enough to snag these for half off their original price. I sized up, and I’m so glad I did because they’re much more comfortable and easier to wear in a size bigger than my usual. These are labeled “skinny” capri jeans, so they’re form fitting but not constricting.

I even brunched in these jeans, so you know they’re still comfortable to walk around in after eating your weight in eggs and toast.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

So, why are these jeans part of my “go-to summer look”? It’s all in the versatility. I styled these with a cold shoulder LC Lauren Conrad top and LC sandals (because of course I couldn’t complete an outfit with a dash of LC 😜).

I plan on styling these jeans with light, pastel colored tops. I’m all about light pinks and blues, because nothing screams “summer” more than that!

I’ll definitely wear it with both of these tops that I previously blogged about, along with any other tops that aren’t primarily white. For cooler summer days, it’ll look ~fabulous~ with a chambray shirt (this is my personal fave) and a statement necklace, and for warmer, humid days any lightweight tank will keep you cool and trendy.

When it comes to upkeep, we all know you have to be ~careful af~ when it comes to wearing white jeans. For now, I’ll be taking extra caution while wearing them, but if I do have an accident I’ll be sure to let ya know how I cleaned them!

What’s your go-to summer look? I’d love to hear all about it! Let me know in the comments below.



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