Influenster: Ivy VoxBox review

Let me start off by saying I’m feeling SO inspired on this rainy Friday afternoon. Here’s why: I’m part of a professional fraternity for communications on campus – Zeta Phi Eta. Joining Zeta is arguably the best decision I made in college so far, but that’s a loooong story for another post.

ANYWAY, last night Zeta held a panel that was all about internships: how to find them, how to land them, and how to succeed in them. There were three panelists, and one was MY FORMER BOSS, Erica.

Guys, she’s seriously the definition of a girlboss, and I’m so #blessed to have her in my life. Whenever I’m with her, I feel so inspired to kick it in to gear and embrace my inner badass.

SO, in the spirit of being inspired and all that good stuff, I’m here with a new blog post! Today, we’re talking about Influenster – and Erica is the one who introduced me to it!

Here’s the lowdown: Influenster is a site that’s home to “product reviews, Q&A’s, news and exclusive offers.” Companies also use it to send out new products to regular people (like you and me). When you create an account, you answer tons of questions about everything you use, from makeup and beauty products to what kind of food you like and where you buy your pet food. You then connect your social media channels, and they give you an impact score. Think of it this way: the more followers you have, the bigger of an influence you have – and the more likely you are to receive free “VoxBoxes”, which are full of products curated to your preferences that you get to test and share with your followers! Essentially, Influenster makes you an influencer.

I was so happy to receive the Ivy VoxBox. Like, can we talk about this packaging??


I die. I’m a sucker for cute packaging. Here’s what was inside:


Let’s take a look at everything individually:

Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Minis


Guys, I was literally ~obsessed~ with these when I was younger. They were my favorite sleepover snack – and once I start eating them, I can’t stop. I love anything that’s sour and sweet, so these were right up my alley.

Would I repurchase with my own money? Yes!

Nubian Heritage African Black Soap 

Not gonna lie, I was super intimidated by this when I opened it. It has a ~very~ strong smell, and tbh black soap is just super daunting. But, this soap claims to reduce the appearance of blemishes and other skin ailments and improve the overall appearance of skin by cleansing and minimizing redness. I was so excited to see this has great reviews online. My skin has been a lil cray recently (thank you, hormones and Easter chocolate) so I’m willing to try anything to help it. While I’ve only been using it for a few days, I like it so far! I use this soap twice a day, after I use my daily foam cleanser and before I tone. I know skincare products usually take some time before they show results, but so far so good! I’m excited to see results as I continue to use this.

Would I repurchase with my own money? Yes!

Chapstick Duo

So…I’m kind of confused by these. I guess it’s cool that you can customize your chapstick choices? These come separate in their packaging, but you can snap them together to create your own custom lip balm duos. As soon as I opened the package, I could smell these lip balms. The scent is SO overwhelming; it smells like pure fruity, sugary candy. I’m not a fan of putting such strong smelling-products on my lips, so these are a little too overwhelming for me. Also, they’re a bit bulky. If I have limited space in my purse, I’d rather reach for a smaller tube of chapstick than these. The idea is cute, but I’m not 100% sold on it.

Would I repurchase with my own money? Probably not.

7th Heaven Foot Soak and Foot Lotion 


I’m all for treating myself, this was a great addition to my dorm room spa day. This smells great, and it felt good to use after a long day of classes and going to the gym. However, foot soak and foot lotion aren’t exactly on top of my “must have” list from the drugstore. While it was nice to use, if I have a few extra dollars on hand it’ll more likely go toward buying a new lipstick instead of foot soak. If you’re all for some foot pampering, you’ll probably love this! But, if you’re kinda “meh” about it, go for the lipstick.

Would I repurchase with my own money? Ehh…maybe.

Venus Swirl Flexi-Ball razor 

I don’t know about you, but when I need get a new razor, I typically go for the cheap, disposable razors. Buying a more expensive one just never seems worth it to me (because like I said earlier, I’d rather spend my money on something fun – a.k.a lipstick). I was excited to try this and see if spending a little extra money on a nicer razor is worth it – and I think it is! The whole idea of this “flexi-ball” thing was concerning. I wasn’t sure if I’d have much control over it, but I do really like that it gets to all those “hard to reach” crevices (ya know how it goes, right?). Especially since summer is coming, the ladies in the house will be shaving more often – and even though that’s a total drag, you might as well do it with a great razor, amiright??

Would I repurchase with my own money? Yes!

And that’s it! Have you tried any of these products? Do you want to try them now? Are you signed up for Influenster? I’d love to hear your thoughts – let me know in the comments below!


*Disclaimer: I received these complimentary products from Influenster solely for the purpose of testing and reviewing on social media. 



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